Welcome to Sujatha's Homestay in Kandy


Come stay with us and relish the real essence of Srilankan hospitality. Our home is nestled in a small quiet suburb of Kandy, Sri Lanka, just a 10 minutes drive away from the Kandy city center. Interspersed by chirping of birds and whispers of trees our home provides you an ideal place to relax after a visit to Kandy, the cultural capital of Sri Lanka.


Me Sujatha and my husband Roney will do our utmost to make your stay a memorable one. Staying with us, you will have the unique opportunity to come to know a true local family. and take a glimpse of everyday Srilankan life too. 


As locals, we can provide you with invaluable tips and information from an insider perspective. We can give you tips when to visit the sights the best, where to have lunch or chill out while in Kandy city, where to get the best tea or spices or the most economical and practical ways to get from one place to the other. 


Why with us in Kandy?

Staying with us, apart from savouring the traditional warm Srilankan hospitality, you will appreciate the time we spend caring for you and your individual wishes to make your stay with us in Kandy an unforgettable experience. We attend to your personal needs, whether it be a customized diet, a particular mealtime or a late departure. Further, we as your hosts have been travelling ourselves extensively in Europe and Asia and know your needs as a visitor to a foreign place.



Why a Homestay?

Though staying in a hotel might be more private and sometimes more comfortable, and still might be the choice for a holiday extending over a week or more, a homestay is a unique opportunity to really mingle with the locals and see their life from inside. Museums and historic sites will tell you about history, but present day culture can only be understood by observing the daily routines of locals. Besides a night at a homestay is usually much cheaper than one in a hotel.



Yes, we have truly opened our home and hearts for you and look forward to welcome you! 



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